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Upstream Engineering

Engineering Services for Upstream Oil & Gas Industry
Our Risk Engineering Consultant provides the following series of services for clients in upstream oil & gas industry.
  • Site Survey
    Conduct a site survey at offshore platform, onshore upstream activities, rigs, etc., describing and assessing risks and making risk improvement recommendations.
  • Well Plan Review
    Review and provide independent assurance of well plans suggesting risk improvement recommendations as necessary.
  • Operational / Construction Procedures Review
    Review internal operational or construction procedures in whole process and provide advices. (desk / office visits / visit site)
  • Joint Survey (for Non-Operator)
    Assist with joint venture activities in case where we are appointed as consultant to assist your risk management. – Including Business Interruption Workshops
  • Introduction of Experts
    Introduce engineering experts appropriate to your needs.
  • Corporate Structure and Governance Review
    Assist assessing corporate structures and development of corporate governance frameworks. (risk related technical governance)
  • Risk Performance Improvement Assistance
    Assess the functioning of company policies and procedures and Risk and Safety Key Performance Indicators
  • Catastrophe Risk Modelling
    Simulate property damage (PD) and indirect damage (OEE and BI) losses using catastrophe model and support plotting risk finance strategy.
  • Insurance Consulting
    Advise on information requirements to assist placement of risks and advise on insurance market matters.
Note: These services would be provided using Sompo Risk Management Inc. and we would enter a confidentiality agreement so that these services are treated by us as completely separate from our insurance offering.

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