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Continue business after disaster
- BCM (Business Continuity Management) founded on our excellent industry-leading performance -
Business continuity management strengthens company's capability to efficiently respond to risks including earthquake and fire, not only to maintain the corporate / brand value but also further enhance such value as a result. In addition, accident / disaster countermeasures to fulfill product supply obligations help gain confidence of customers and market.
BCM reviews how to resume business swiftly and how to maintain corporate value after disaster and recommends optimal measures to maintain business continuity. We provide technical support to our customers ranging from basic policy / target setting and organizational structure building, to seismic risk evaluation, business impact evaluation, business continuity planning, crisis management system construction, and countermeasure / training.
【Our strength】 "Seismic risk evaluation model" originally developed by our company is able to produce the industry's best quantitative evaluation result by studying response acceleration of buildings and facilities with over 300,000 seismic events.

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